Watch It - Video and Motion Graphics

If you want to tell a story that leaves a lasting impression, animation and film have been the way to go for years. Whether for presentations at large events utilizing multiple screens, or as an intro to showcare your brand, Clint Sanchez Design is your Baton Rouge video company to create the video element necessary to convey your message.

Grab their attention — and keep it!

80% of visitors will watch your video while only 20% read the articles. In fact, visitors spend 700% more time on a website with video!

Whether it be a simple logo sting, or a complex real estate listing showcase video, we can do it!  Contact Us now for your free consultation.

Animated Logos

An animated logo is a chance to express your industry knowledge and show a depth that a static logo can’t. They can be used in marketing and advertising to create a connection with your target customers, or by a design agency to illustrate their design process in a presentation.

Introduction Videos

Online website visitors and those on your social media pages are more likely to focus on your brand when you have an introduction video. Catchy images, with facts and figures along with an impressive soundtrack can certainly grip a visitor’s attention.

Why Stand Still?

Modern digital platforms are so sophisticated that it is becoming normal to stream moving images – including your animated logo design – everywhere. If done properly, you will delight your customers.  In an increasingly digital and connected world, markets are becoming more and more saturated with global competitors. A well-designed, evocative and memorable animated logo gives your brand an edge.  Our cutting edge motion video as well as our in-house audio production makes us  your go-to for all of your Baton Rouge video needs.

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Watch it – Video and Motion Graphics